Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed​.​.​.

by Rockwell's Ghost

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a bit of a preview of our upcoming september 6th release of 'hi-yo, silver!'... enjoy and share!!!...


released July 31, 2013



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Rockwell's Ghost Beckley, West Virginia

Hailing from southern West Virginia, Rockwell's Ghost is a punk rock quartet with their music aimed at the heart of human nature.

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Track Name: The Whimper
flesh to bone to ash to dust
till nothings left of us but memories - but not of
how much wealth we had procured,
our faded flags or gods and countries

the quakes left fissures on her skin
and still we bore into her fault lines - the tidal waves
left little more than the remains
of america's new coastline

a desert bloomed in the midwest
and wealthy business men bought and sold
the western virginian islands
for time share properties

hotels and shopping malls
sprung up like rotten teeth
and when the heat came
like some roving band of thieves

everyone enjoyed the longer summers
but me

so as the demon winds
whipped across her battered face - nobody saw
their sun tans turned in-
to radiation sickness

our jellied eyes had long before
befallen the sharpened silver tongues of the - advertisers
and the reaper instructed the companies
to prey on our vanity

a cancer seeped out from our hearts
and greed and violence took over
all the love that we once shared for mother earth
and one another

we did it to ourselves
but still we felt the sting
like we were victims of
a cold, evil machine

with seven tentacles
and polished, mirrored face,
with a mouth like seven million goddamn diesel trains
and ears like two cave-ins
and a scorpions tail
and a compulsion to destroy itself
Track Name: Suicide Hotline
it never gets better, trust me
setting yourself up to fail
is no way to accomplish anything
where is your desire to push on
understand that this ignorance you face day to day
isn't going anywhere soon

there will always be that asshole
screaming 'faggot'
always a hateful thought in minds of lesser men
but there is so much love left in this world

be that love, not another selfish statistic
posted on some black and white
sob story pamphlet
you and yours deserve better
believe me when i say that so many of us
know your pain and have experienced

first hand the cruelty
of others
and so we're left to stand up to their intolerance will you stand with us
or allow yourself to drown
under these crashing waves of malignancy

don't allow
them inside
never give
them the satisfaction of

knowing they ever got to you
your resolve is stronger than their words
your cause greater than their fists
never give in, you are not alone

nowhere near it...
Track Name: Heretic Pride
well they come and pull me from my house
and they drag my body through the streets
and the sun’s so hot i think i’ll catch fire and burn up
in the summer air so moist and sweet

and the people all come out to cheer
rocks in the pathway break my skin
and there’s honeysuckle on the faint breeze today
with every breath I’m drawing in

i want to cry out but i don’t scream and i don’t shout
and i feel so proud to be alive
and i feel so proud when the reckoning arrives

srowds grow denser by the second
as we near the center of the town
and they dig a trench right in the main square right there
and they pick me up and throw me down

and i start laughing like a child
and i mark their faces one by one
transfiguration's gonna come for me at last
and i will burn hotter than the sun

i waited so long and now i taste jasmine on my tongue
and i feel so proud to be alive
and i feel so proud when the reckoning arrives