Teabonix (Acoustic Demo)

by Rockwell's Ghost

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exposing the hypocrisy of the tea party movement and of angry white folk everywhere...


cliven bundy and eric garner on your t.v. screen
above the ticker tape that tells how your money's doing
your favorite all-american teams overseas
where the uniforms are green backed
and the faces are of foreign kings and queens
and the fans all cheer and scream
from their sewing machines

consistency lacking these days with the world so polarized
with me or against, there is no in between
what we've done is eliminate the grey
so only us an them remain and its a goddamn shame
how dichotomous we became
when the television made a case to be afraid,
ill-informed, and outraged

cliven bundy and eric garner were both guilty
of breaking laws that you yourself have criticized at length
one got an army the other got some statist rhetoric
like ''shit happens when you resist"
when the truth is you should be as pissed
at one as you are the other, but this ain't about the law is it,
you fucking bigot?


released January 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Rockwell's Ghost Beckley, West Virginia

Hailing from southern West Virginia, Rockwell's Ghost is a punk rock quartet with their music aimed at the heart of human nature.

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